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A campaign to restore Calcutta's

Long lost Glory

All About Us

Young people in Calcutta are eager to build something new and #MakeCalcuttaRelevantAgain helps them do that. We provide sponsorships to upcoming creators and help them showcase their work with top-notch mentors and industry experts who help them take their creations to the next level.


Our aim is to bring back Calcutta's Glory and not only bring it back but take it to the next level through constant disruption and innovation.

We want to make Calcutta even more relevant, and change its perception of a sleepy city that was the cultural capital to what it actually is; the bustling place full of change-makers shaking up the status quo.

1. The CCU Festival

THE CCU Festival is a fundamentally optimistic, homegrown festival celebrating Calcutta through the lenses of sustainability, fitness, design, innovation, entrepreneurship, technology, food, and music. 

2.Innovators Over Coffee

Join us and 100s of other innovators over a coffee everymonth where we discuss startup, innovation, design, investment and many more.


Become a part of our community and meet fellow creators, entrepreneurs, busnisses, investors and many more.


4. Become a Partner

Wanna do something with us?! Drop us a message below and someone from our team will reach out to you.

Our Projects

What Calcutta Has to Say About Us?

What they're saying

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I don’t know what lay ahead of us, but here’s to more such dreamers that resolutely say, “LET’s MAKE CALCUTTA RELEVANT AGAIN” and Proudly shout “ #BangaliByabshaKorbe “

Sayan Chakrobarty

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Always having each other’s backs and pushing the Kolkata Startup Ecosystem forward with my people. This is where I belong, this is where I’ve always belonged. It took me some time to match my crazies with your crazy but I am glad we are here now. In the next few years (sooner than you think)…we will Make Calcutta Relevant Again.

Aishwarya Biswas

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"It was an amazing experience at Innovators Over Coffee to meet and network with budding entrepreneurs and get the feeling of emerging spirit of entrepreneurship in the hearts of young Kolkata!"


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29th Oct 2022

The CCU Festival

25th Nov 2022

Innovators Over Coffee

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